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Frequently asked questions about painting for residential or commercial painting in Edmonton Alberta.

Is paint included in a painters quote?

Is paint included in a painters quote

What Information Should Be Included in a Painter’s Estimate? When they receive a quote from a professional painter, many homeowners are unsure what to expect. After all, the cost of paint can vary greatly depending on the type and brand. What you can expect is as follows: Most contractors will include travel expenses in their […]

Does painting quote include the paint?

Does painting quote include the paint

Is The Paint Included In The Quote? A quote for house painting should include the cost of paint as well as all other supplies. In most cases, this will suffice to complete the task. However, before agreeing to have the work done, always inquire about any additional costs. This ensures that you are getting the […]

Does painting a room include doors?

Does painting a room include doors

What Is In A Room Painting Quote? When considering painting a room in your home, it is critical to understand what is typically included in most quotes. Most painters will include the walls and ceiling in their quote, but not the window sills, skirting boards, or doors unless specifically requested. This means that if you […]